Counsellor- Agnes Starnawski

My desire to be a counsellor developed over a number of years. I acquired a Batchelor Degree in Biomedical Science first, than expanded my qualifications by finishing Diploma of Business and concluded in obtaining a Diploma of Counselling.

I majored in Relationship Counselling and I always believed that a person can thrive once he achieved balance in relationship with himself and others. There are many things that can upset the balance but it is not impossible to restore it.

I continue to improve my counselling skills by active participation in ACA- Australian Counselling Association and PCA-Professional Counselling Association developmental programs, which include meetings, seminars and clinical supervision.

I've been developing my couple counselling skills with the Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy in Sydney.

I belong to and support, by volunteering my time and skills, Mandala Community Counselling Service Inc., which is not for profit organisation.

I am affiliated with WayAhead - Mental Health Association NSW and offer my skils as a Group Facilitator for Anxiety Support Group in Epping.


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